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Call Us Today!
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We feature the following amenities to ensure the ultimate comfort, health and happiness of your pet:

  • Individual indoor/outdoor dog runs
  • Deluxe suites for larger dogs and/or multidog families
  • Temperature-controlled environment
  • Special accommodations for small and/or elderly pets
  • Separate cattery with pastoral acres, providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for your pet's vacation
  • Customized exercise program available based on your pet's needs
  • Fun and stimulating day care for dogs
  • Experienced trainers to help you get the well-mannered pet you always wanted
  • Certified groomers ready to groom and bathe your pet by appointment or during boarding
  • Full veterinary care on site
  • State-of-the-art Dayton-area dog kennel

Dog and Cat Boarding at Clayton Pet Hotel & Spa

Tours and "Trial Day"
When considering any new boarding facility, it is always best to check out the facilities ahead of time. Walk through the facility and ask questions about how your pet will be cared for, exercised, fed and housed, as well as any other concerns you might have. We encourage you to drop in any time, and visit our facility for a tour and to ask any questions you may have. Come see why we are the top choice in the Dayton area for dog boarding kennels! Our most attractive service is our exercise program. It is based on the fact that most dogs are very social. We have different exercise yards to accommodate our guests. We have large yards,  fenced, which are a perfect place for dogs to run unrestricted and play to their hearts' content. We have individual exercise time set aside for your pet. Staff members are present at all times when the dogs are outside.

Boarding Cats
Our cat boarding area, or cattery, is separate from where the dogs are boarded.

Boarding Fees
Our fees are based on the number of days boarding. The day your pet is left with us is the first day you are charged. The day you pick-up your pet there is only a charge if the pick-up is after 12:30pm.

Pet Grooming and Bathing
These services are available to your pet while boarding at our facility. You’re also welcome to call for an appointment to bring them in for a bath or groom. We are a full- service grooming facility with professional groomers on staff. Our professional groomers are on site Monday through Saturday attending to all of your pet’s grooming needs. Whether you have a new puppy experiencing her first visit to the groom room, need a departure bath or groom after a boarding stay, or want to schedule a routine bath and trim, our groomers will ensure your pet has a positive experience and leaves looking their best.

Grooming Services
All of our grooming services are available by appointment or can be scheduled with boarding or training. Is your pet shedding excessively? Try The Furminator, a special shampoo, conditioner and brushing process proven to greatly reduce/eliminate shedding.
Our groomers specialize in all breed pet styling. We offer:

  • Nail filing
  • Fluff drying
  • Teeth brushing with any bath or groom
  • Seasonal bandana or bow
  • Walk-in nail trims (no appointment necessary)

Professional Dog Training at Clayton Pet Hotel & Spa
Get the well-mannered dog you always wanted! At Clayton Pet Hotel & Spa Training, our experienced dog trainer is ready to help you and your family form a long-lasting and enjoyable bond with your four-legged friend. We can help you determine what type of training is best suited to your situation and then work together to train your dog. Whether you want your dog to learn basic commands, show good house manners, walk appropriately on a leash, improve socialization skills or stop annoying habits, the Clayton Pet Hotel & Spa trainers are ready to assist.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training methodology is based on reinforcing positive behavior by:

  • Laying a foundation of trust and discipline through repetition and praise
  • Reinforcing information with praise and appropriate correction
  • Exposing your dog to distractions that can otherwise quickly unravel learned behaviors

It all starts with a free training assessment, so make your appointment with a trainer today! We’ll schedule a time for you to bring your dog to the training center and then determine where your dog is in his training, where you’d like for him to be and how much training you’re willing and able to do on your own. Call us at 937-771-0863 to set up your dog's training assessment.

Contact Information

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